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Hawkeye Studio Hire

Hawkeye photography studio is situated right in the city centre of Bath, Somerset, approximately 10 miles from Bristol and is available for hire either by the day or by the hour (2 hour minimum booking) depending on your requirements. The studio is most suited for photo and video shoots, but if you need a big space to do something in…. get in touch and we’ll see if that’s possible!

Total working hire space is approximately  9.8m x 5.75m  (32Fx19F). Ceiling height over 4.5m (see plan below)

Wide angle view of main shooting area at Hawkeye Photographic Studio Bath, Somerset
Main Shooting area at Hawkeye Studio Hire

Hawkeye Photographic Studio kitchen & dressing area

Hawkeye Studio hire for photography & video Shoots:

Hawkeye Studio is ideal for fashion photography, e-commerce photography, portrait photography, photographing small groups of people, corporate head shots, press & PR photography and still life photography but is also suitable for some video productions.

The studio is perfect for most photography and video shoots as it has a flat solid concrete floor, located in a quiet area and can be blacked out. Please be aware that the studio is not soundproofed and we cannot be sure that any businesses in the area will be quiet during shoots.

The studio is set up with the needs and requirements of photographers and camera operators in mind whilst providing adequate space for clients and any additional crew or cast.

The back wall in the shoot area is flat to a height of 2.45m and usually painted white (along with the floor in front) but can be painted any colour by negotiation.

Background papers can be hung at a maximum height of  2.9m. There are 2 steel bars running the span of the shoot area (one at the front and back) which are suitable for hanging lights or backgrounds etc.

Hawkeye Studio has lighting, grip equipment and backgrounds available for hire as a separate negotiation, please get in touch to let us know what you might need and additional equipment can be hired on the day.

The Studio is located on the first floor with easy access for deliveries and equipment (no lift).

The kitchen area in the studio can be used for food preparation during shoots or in conjunction with food photography but please note that there is no oven or freezer.

Being located in the centre of Bath in a quiet area just off Walcot Street (which is known as the “Artisan Quarter”)  you can source props, clothes or styling necessities from many of the independent shops all within walking distance. Walcot street also has many bars, cafes and restaurants. Waitrose supermarket is only 2-3 minutes walk.

Hawkeye Photographic Studio is approximately a 10-minute walk from Bath Spa train/bus station and less than a 5-minute walk from the city centre and shops. The M4 (Junction 18) is roughly a 15-minute drive away. Bristol is about 10 miles away & takes around 45 minutes by car.

Please note there is only one car parking space available on site with prior notice. The other nearest parking is The Podium ( or the Cattlemarket carpark (

Please get in touch if you require more information.

Studio Telephone: 01225 329069

Directions/google map link

What 3 words:

Video production at Hawkeye Studio Hire

Hawkeye Studio Hire Facilities:

Included in hire: Use of Cambo Studio Stand, poly boards, steps & adjustable trestle table if required.

Free Wifi access.

Client/model seating area.

Stereo music system with PPL licence & bluetooth connection.

Kitchen facilities with double sink, microwave, fridge (no freezer or hob/cooker) with tea and coffee included in hire fees.

Make-up/dressing area with work desk, hanging rail, iron and ironing board, steamer and mirror.

Skylights and large circular window provide daylight (can be easily be fully blacked out if requested).

Toilet facilities (no shower).

Lighting, grip and background hire available by negotiation.

One parking space is available with prior notice (see fees). There is a loading bay for short stay (1 hour max) drop offs and collections.  Other parking is at nearest public carpark 2-3 minutes walk.

Local shops, cafes and restaurants are a very short walk away. Food/drinks/snacks can be provided with prior notice.

Any fittings or furniture can be used with permission if handled with care.

Set building and painting is available please contact Colin to discuss any requirements.

Please note that a representative of Colin Hawkins photography will be in the premises at all times while the studio is being hired.


View from behind cameras on video shoot at Hawkeye Studio
Multi camera video shoot at Hawkeye Studio Hire in Bath

Hawkeye Studio Hire Fees:

£200 +VAT full day (9am-6pm) or a maximum of 8 hours + 1 hour prep/wrap

£150 +VAT Half day (strictly 4 hours including any prep/wrap).

£75+VAT  2 hours (minimum booking period)

£150 + VAT full day (9am-5pm) or maximum of 8 hours for pre-production/set build/prep/wrap/background painting but ONLY in conjunction with photographic/video production.

£40+VAT per hour for any overtime or any additional hours required

£12+VAT/day or £3+ VAT/hour for use of one parking space

Colorama/background paper (many stock colours – but please check availability): £12.00 for initial use with £12.00 per metre if damaged in any way.

Please note a cleaner may be hired at £15 per hour if the Studio is not left in a clean and tidy condition.

Payment is required in full at the start of the studio hire session unless agreed otherwise.

All goods left in the studio after the studio hire period should be removed within 24 hours unless agreed otherwise. Any goods left in the studio after that period will be thrown away.

Please note that all fees and prices are exclusive of VAT unless shown.


 E-commerce photography at Hawkeye Studio Hire in Bath
E-commerce photography at Hawkeye Studio Hire in Bath

Hawkeye Studio Hire Confirmations and Cancellations:

Confirmations must be received 5  Working Days prior to date of booking.

Bookings not confirmed will be automatically removed.  We reserve the right to withdraw first options in favour of clients who are able to confirm.

If a confirmed shoot is cancelled or postponed we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee at the following rates together with any incurred expenses:

Cancellation within 24 hrs – 100% of Fee

Cancellation on less than 3 Working Days notice – 50% of Fee

3 to 5  Working Days notice – 25% of Fee

6 more Working Days notice – No charge

Woman having make up applied by make-up artist at Hawkeye Studio
Fashion photography with set build at Hawkeye Photography Studio in Bath


Hawkeye Studio Hire Insurance and Damages:

The client will be liable to pay in full any damages that may occur while hiring studio.

The client should ensure that they have adequate insurance &  public liability insurance in the event of an accident.

Equipment and valuables left on the premises are deposited at the client’s own risk.

See terms and conditions below for additional information.


Model & fashion photography at Hawkeye Studio Hire in Bath

Hawkeye Studio Photographic Equipment & Lighting Hire:

Please get in contact for a full list of equipment available for use in studio environment ONLY

Equipment available to hire:

Profoto lighting equipment.

LED light panels.

Stands, tripods, reflectors, wind machine and other grip equipment.

Background papers and small tabletops for still life.


Hawkeye Studio Floor Plan:

Hawkeye studio floor plan

Terms and Conditions:

The “Hirer” is the customer who is hiring the Equipment or studio from Colin Hawkins

“Equipment” means the hired photographic items & the studio facilities, including any fittings, furniture or props.

“Hire Period” is the period for which the equipment or studio is hired. Each day is calculated on an 8 hour period from the time at which the Studio or Equipment is hired. Part of a day will be considered to be a full day for the purpose of calculating the Equipment hire charge.

A normal day is up to 9 hours (including 1 hour for lunch) between 9am and 6pm on any Working Day. Any hours worked outside a normal day (“Antisocial Hours”) will incur additional overtime fees for the facilities.


Our charges do not include a specific fee for the Damage/Loss cover, the hirer is liable for all replacement cost and against all forms of loss or damage. The hirer will pay to Colin Hawkins on demand all money the hirer may receive from an insurance company or any other source in settlement of any claim relating to the loss, theft or damage of the Equipment or studio. The hirer must not compromise any claim without our express consent in writing.

Our equipment is serviced regularly and every effort is made, therefore, to ensure that the Equipment & studio is supplied in working order. Colin Hawkins cannot be held liable, however, for failure to Equipment or for consequential or sub-consequential loss there from.


Any breakdown or unsatisfactory working of Equipment must be immediately notified. Under no circumstances must the hirer repair or attempt to repair the Equipment unless authorised by Colin Hawkins. The Equipment and any furniture or props must not be taken from the premises or used without permission. The hirer must notify Colin Hawkins immediately if the Equipment is involved in any accident resulting in damage to the Equipment or to other property, or injury to any person.

If the Equipment is defective, the hirer must notify Colin Hawkins immediately and if the defect has not been caused by anything the hirer may have done or failed to do we will (at our option):

1. Replace it as soon as reasonably possible, or

2. Not charge you for the hire charges of the defective Equipment.

It is the hirers responsibility to make sure that all the people who use the Equipment are properly instructed in its safe and correct use & that the hirer has requested & received adequate instruction on its safe and correct use. The hirer must ensure that the Equipment is not misused, and that supervision is adequate at all times.

It is the hirers responsibility too ensure that the Equipment is suitable for the purpose for which the hirer intend to use it for and that the hirer will give us sufficient information to ensure that the Equipment supplied is suitable for that use.

It is the hirers responsibility for the Equipment & it begins when the hirer receives the Equipment or enters the studio during the hire period. The hirers responsibilities include safe keeping of the Equipment and protection against the elements of theft, vandalism or improper use. The hirer is responsible for the return of the Equipment in the same condition as at the start of the hire period . You must not sell, damage, alter or otherwise part control of the equipment. The Hired Equipment remains the property of Colin Hawkins at all times and must not be pledged, loaned, deposited or sold to a third party.

The hirer will indemnify Colin Hawkins against any and every expense, liability, financial loss, claim or proceedings whatsoever, and in respect of any death or personal injury whatsoever or damage to our loss of property whatsoever arising out of the use or non-use of the Equipment or any parts of it.

Equipment lost, stolen or damaged while in the Hirer’s possession will be the entire responsibility of the Hirer.

Any items not returned from hire, such as  cables, sync leads, props etc. will automatically be charged to the Hirer’s invoice at the full current replacement cost.

The hirer will not remove, deface or cover up our name plate or mark on the Equipment indicating that it is our property or damage or deface the studio premises, fittings, furniture or props in any way.

All goods are advertised subject to availability. Colin Hawkins reserves the right to change both the prices and the Equipment available for hire without prior notice.

Spare modelling lamps will be replaced but the hirer is liable for any damage arising from breakage of flash tubes and/or bulbs, valves, transistors, capacitors or integrated circuits.

Colin Hawkins can not be held liable for any disruptions to the hirers shoot caused by a third party, nor can we be liable for any loss or damage to any personal equipment or items whilst hiring the studio.

Colin Hawkins will not be liable for any indirect loss or loss of business profits that the hirer expect to make, wasted money, wages, fees or expenses due to unsuitability, breakdown or stoppage of the Equipment or any part of it.

Colin Hawkins will not be liable for any delays caused by any circumstances beyond our control.

Acceptance of the Equipment by the Hirer signifies the total acceptance of these terms and conditions for hire and excludes any terms and conditions the hirer may have put forward except where we have agreed to any amendments or other conditions in writing.


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