Xposure International Photography Festival 2018

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I’m honoured to be invited back to the Xposure International Photography Festival on  21 – 24  NOVEMBER  2018 in Shajah UAE to run a series of workshops over the course of the festival.

For more info:  https://xposure.ae



This will be the 3rd year that I’ve run workshops and been a part of such an amazing event and I’m very excited about returning.
Over the last few years at Xposure I’ve had the pleasure to meet and spend a bit of time with some of my photographic “heroes” & make some new photographer friends from all over the world.

I’m looking forward to catching up with Sir Don McCullin , Elia Locardi & Rick Friedman once again and I gather Chase Jarvis attending this year which should be interesting…. there’s so many photographers from so many fields!

Photographers 2018

It’s unbelievable that the show is free to attend and I’m always staggered at the quality of the photography that is on show & it was a pity that there isn’t more time to sit in on the plethora of talks & lectures. I try to grab a few minutes to browse the trade stands and try out a few new products as I rarely get the opportunity to see what’s new on the market.   The quality & scale of the exhibitions & prints is really impressive as often I’ve seen some of the work on line but it’s a whole different experience seeing large scale prints.

I’m also  a judge on the photographic competition & was blown away by some of the work that has been entered and congratulations to all the winners…when they are announced!


It’s a real pleasure and joy to run the workshops at Xposure which are all about helping people with all different skill levels learn more about the different facets of photography and gain some hands on experience.

I’m running a workshop on lighting people in a studio environment and  This workshop is especially aimed at small businesses and individuals who have little or no experience of photographing people using studio lighting  but would like to learn a variety of lighting techniques in a very simple way.

Studio (Portrait) Lighting Workshop

In conjunction with this I’m also running a workshop on product photography which again is aimed at small businesses or individuals and is a hands-on opportunity to enhance your photographic skills in lighting & photographing products in a studio environment for publishing on the web or other promotional material.

Product Photography



Both of these workshops are ideal if you are thinking of buying equipment, especially lighting  but not sure whether it will be suitable for what you need to achieve.

I will also planning on running one workshop on shooting & supplying images for picture libraries. This workshop is aimed at helping photographers get the most from their images with the potential to licence and sell them through image libraries. It will hopefully make your images more competitive and be more productive when shooting, learn about the various licensing agreements available, the creative process in creating  images & general submission requirements.

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