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I’m running further workshops with The Royal Photographic Society throughout 2017.

One workshop will be on shooting for stock.

I’ve been shooting images for picture libraries for about 20 years and this workshop is aimed at helping you to get the most from your images with the potential to licence and sell them through image libraries & other stock suppliers. It will show you how you can make your images more competitive and be more productive when shooting.

You will also learn about the various licensing agreements available, the creative process in creating stock images. This will include in-depth advice on concept creation, models, locations, release requirements, submission standards, keywording and good practice in post-production.

















The other workshop is on product photography and is a basic introduction to shooting a variety of products for commercial purposes.

This workshop will be a hands on opportunity to enhance your photographic skills in shooting products. A workshop for all levels of experience with no previous experience necessary. The workshop will take place in my studio just outside Bath & is aimed at those who wish to improve the quality of images that they produce when trying to shoot products.
Learn how to light using a variety of light sources & supply images of a quality that show products off to their full potential.
Experience shooting with your own DSLR & with professional lighting equipment provided in a studio environment.
Especially aimed at small businesses that are trying to shoot their own products & struggling to know how and would like to get some idea of what equipment they might need.


For more info and dates please see the RPS workshops page

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