Business Headshot Photography Package

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Business Portrait & Corporate Headshot Photography Package 

This is specifically for people & companies needing to get a good quality business portraits or a “headshot” photograph.  These images can be used to promote their business or services whether for recruitment or brochures or for use on websites & social media. Business portraits and employee headshots are about marketing & branding yourself as they are a visual representation of your character, competence and reputation.

The Business Portraits & Corporate Headshot Package is for an individual portrait or headshot studio session, here in my photography studio in Central Bath, either half or 3/4 length portrait. This usually takes about 30-45 minutes to light & shoot (maximum time 1 hour) & then a small amount of editing. This package is ideal if you need a quick turn around & the final images are usually available within 24 hours.

I am happy to visit your office or workplace & bring a small studio set up (a backdrop and lights) or use your offices to create a more relaxed natural environmental, showing where you work to give the portraits a context, but this will be at an additional cost.

Business Portrait & Corporate Headshots  are in demand by all sorts of people from sole traders to CEOs, Actors, & companies with employees who are very aware  how their image will be perceived by their clients & customers.  It’s important to choose the right type of background, clothing & the right type of expression you wish to convey to create an image designed to stand out & be suitable to represent you & your business.

COST (studio session) :

Single person £150 + VAT ( maximum time 1 hour)

2 people £200 + VAT  (maximum time 1.5  hours)

3 or more people regular fees & expenses apply


Wessex Corporate headshots

What’s included:

Up to 30 minutes shoot time in my studio but pleased allow up to an hour for the total session.

A selection of backgrounds are available.

The selection of images is usually made on the day but low resolution watermarked preview images can be supplied ASAP by file transfer for you to select at a later date.

2 images are included within the package cost (per person), though more are can be supplied if necessary at an additional cost of £20.00/file + VAT

Once you’ve made the selection of photographs you must let me know your 2 (or more) choices by email.

Simple photoshop processing, grading & editing of your chosen image.

Images supplied can be colour, black & white or a mixture.

Images are supplied approx. 30cm or 5,000px sRGB JPG files usually with 48 hours . This size is ample for most web/print applications. Please let me know if you require a particular crop or file size.



Choice of backgrounds:

Simple backgrounds like white, off-white, grey or black often work well. I have a selection of coloured backgrounds if you have a specific colour in mind.

Choice of clothing/style:

Wear what you normally would wear at work in front of your clients or customers as you’ll feel more comfortable & it’s what you normally wear. Remember this is how you will be perceived by your clients & customers so a sharp, pressed formal suit & tie/dress or more casual clothing is your choice. Perhaps bring a small selection of shirts & ties etc, if you are concerned. Plain clothing will often look better as patterns or logos can  sometimes look quite busy or distracting.


It takes about 15 minutes to set the lighting depending on what style we’ve discussed prior to starting shooting.



What’s not included:

Hair & make up not included though this can be arranged at cost if required

Parking. There is limited parking for visitors at the studio but with enough notice it may be possible to arrange a parking space. The Cattle Market or The Podium carparks are very close.

Any use of  preview images or any additional images not included in the package.





Terms & conditions:

01. A booking for the Business Portrait & Corporate Headshot Photography Package is considered confirmed once a mutual time & date has been agreed & email confirmation has been received & accepted by both parties. Colin Hawkins reserves the right to withdraw from any booking in favour of clients who are able to confirm. Confirmations must be received 48 hours prior to date of session.

02. Cancellations of confirmed bookings made within 24 hours of the agreed booking date or non-attendance of a confirmed booking will be charged at 100% of package fee.

03. Terms of payment 30 days from date of invoice with absolutely no use, publication, distributing or reproduction rights of any images granted until the invoice is paid in full.

04. If the invoice is not paid in full within 30 days Colin Hawkins reserves the right to charge interest at the rate prescribed by the late payment of commercial debt act 1998.

05. Colin Hawkins shall not be responsible for obtaining clearances for any person or property in any of the images produced during the session. In all other cases the client will indemnify Colin Hawkins against all expenses, damages claims & legal costs arising out of any failure to obtain such clearances.

06. Colin Hawkins retains all rights of images made during the session unless otherwise negotiated. All ownership & copyright of all photographic material whether physical or electronic remains strictly & exclusively with Colin Hawkins.

07. Colin Hawkins will keep confidential & not disclose any information to any third party or make use of  any information, save as may be necessary to enable Colin Hawkins to carry out the agreed photography session.

08. There is no right to reject any photographs on the basis of expression, lighting, style or composition.

09. Colin Hawkins makes no warranty about the nature of any digital archive of any images after 30 days of completing the session. Clients should treat the files carefully & it is recommended that you keep a safe copy for your own purposes.

10. Colin Hawkins retains the right in all cases to use the photographs for the purposes of advertising/promoting his work.

11. Subject to Association of Photographers codes and standards of practice and Copyright Act 1988.

12. Terms and conditions stated in this document shall prevail over any of the clients terms and conditions.

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